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WWDC needs to radically change

This is my road (so far) to WWDC13. This should serve as a reminder to my future self to avoid WWDC next year.

The effort that went into getting a ticket is far more than I’m willing to admit… it’s JUST a conference, after all! Here’s a recap:

Early April

  1. Start researching WWDC history to be well prepared (see last section). I felt this was critical to get a ticket.
  2. Rumors and trends converge towards a June 10-14 schedule, with an April 25th announcement
  3. Sign up to 2 different WWDC announcement notification services (for redundancy)
  4. Book round-trip flights and accommodations early to avoid much higher costs once they skyrocket after the announcement.

April 25

  1. 9:55, start repeatedly refreshing WWDC page
  2. 10:00:05, see purchase button, enter info
  3. 10:00:55, click “complete order”
  4. Get error, enter info again
  5. 10:01:55, click “complete order”
  6. Get redirected to WWDC where it says “sold out”
  7. Mope for a few minutes
  8. Acceptance: Oh well, it’s just a conference. I’ll take this as a week-long vacation in SF. Go on with the rest of my day.
  9. 16:30, receive a phone call from Apple rep saying “We see you encountered some errors while purchasing your WWDC tickets this morning. I’d like to let you know that we have a ticket reserved for you and we’ll be sending you an email with information on how to complete your purchase in the next twelve hours [sic].”
  10. Celebrate for a few minutes

April 26

  1. 14:27, receive email from Apple with instructions to complete the purchase
  2. 16:00, attempt to complete the purchase but run into another set of errors on:
    • Google Chrome
    • OS X Safari
    • iOS Safari
    • Firefox
    • reset OS X Safari
    • it works!
  3. Finally complete the order.

Note to self… avoid WWDC next year, people will be resort to writing bots to buy their tickets and the conference will sell out in 0.04s.

WWDC Stats

Conference Dates

  • 2003: June 23 to June 27
  • 2004: June 28 to July 2
  • 2005: June 6 to June 10
  • 2006: August 7 to August 11
  • 2007: June 11 to June 15
  • 2008: June 9 to June 13
  • 2009: June 8 to June 12
  • 2010: June 7 to June 11
  • 2011: June 6 to June 10
  • 2012: June 11 to June 15

Announcement Dates, Times and Sell Out Durations

  • 2010: April 28 (8 days)
  • 2011: March 28 (12hrs: 16x faster than previous year)
  • 2012: April 25 (1h43m: 7x faster than previous year)
  • 2013: April 25, 10:00am (90s: 70x faster than previous year)