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Remote founder

Every minute a founder is away from their team is costly.

Opportunities to do some business development, or to help out a client for a short while may seem tempting, but if it means being unavailable to your team, you must keep this period as short as possible. This effect is compounded the smaller your team is.

In August, one of our awesome clients invited us to work alongside them in Montréal for 2 months during their stint at the Founder Fuel accelerator.

There were many advantages for us to join them there:

  • Proximity to our growing MontrĂ©al client base
  • Business development opportunities in a new city (more than 50% of our leads come from there)
  • Chance to meet and interview MTL-based devs

But overall, being away from my team 3 days a week for 2 months had a noticeable impact on performance and most of all, our culture.

So choose your battles carefully and fight alongside your team.